Moving Resources


When you are moving, there are so many things to remember to do.  Ensure you follow a reliable MOVING CHECKLIST and prepare for the big day now!  Below are online links to make some of the changes to utilities or services in order to prepare for your moving day.  Remember to keep all services and insurances on your current home until the closing / completion date and have the services and insurances start on that same day at your new home.


FEDERAL Government - Tell CRA that you're moving! Update online

Updating your address just got easier with the Canada Revenue Agency’s My Account, and Employment and Social Development Canada’s My Service Canada Account. These two accounts are linked so you can now securely access and change your information from both accounts with just one login.

Tell CRA that you're moving! Update online


No more standing in line!!
Did you always dread having to stand in that Service Ontario line just to update your address for your drivers licence and health card?  Well no longer an issue, as updating your address just got easier with the to update your change of address online! 

Updating your address with Service Ontario here