CoVid 19 & Quarantine Resources

Covid 19 Protocols

With the CoVid pandemic taking over 2020-2021 and becoming a prevalent point in everyone's lives, it has had a measurable impact on the way we all do business.  First and foremost, we are committed to the safety of our clients, our clients families, and ourselves.
We have implemented changes and enhancements that focus on the well being and safety of clients, staff and families,  while continuing to service our buyers and sellers.

Below outlines just a few items we have put into place:

  • All clients required to respond to health declarations to ensure no Covid Exposure. 
  • Our booking system ensures that there are no overlapping showings at our listings and that the same is happening for our buyer appointments.
  • We offer virtual showings and walk throughs when possible using FaceTime or other media. It is live and interactive.
  • Safely showing homes using masks and personal protection.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes part of our ‘showing kit’.
  • Virtual Open Houses at scheduled times (when requested by Seller).
  • When live Open Houses are permitted, we only allow 1 set of buyers (couple/person) through the property at once.
  • Zoom-Zoom! Whenever meetings can be done virtually, we zoom.   Live meetings with clients, buyer and investor seminars, and other professional partners.
  • We handle the signing of documents through electronic signature programs.

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